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Australia is the 2nd most in debt in the world

At the current rate of expansion, Australia’s relationship with credit and debt is exponential in nature – increasing at an increasing rate. At the current rate of expansion, we will hit $10 Trillion in Total Australian Credit by 2026. While many other developed countries have seen a decline or “levelling out” of personal debt since the 2008 global financial crisis, Australia’s debt levels have continued to increase. As a result, Australia is now reported to have some of the highest personal debt levels in the world.

Australia’s economy has two key components that point to a debt crisis, with a huge level of private debt to gross domestic product and a rapid rate of this debt increasing in the past few years, economist Steve Keen said.

The latest debt-financed boom in Sydney and Melbourne has resulted in Australia now overtaking Denmark, a comparison of official figures from Australia and Denmark has shown.

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So, what is Australia’s personal debt situation look like? 

  • Mortgages:  Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data analysed in the AMP. NATSEM report showed that mortgages for owner-occupier housing makes up 56.3% of all personal debt in Australia.
  • Investor debt: Debt associated with investments such as rental properties or shares makes up 36.5% of our household debt.
  • Personal debt:  Personal loans makeup 3.1% of Australian household debt and are commonly used to buy cars, other consumer items or to pay for holidays.
  • Student debt: Debt from student loans, particularly Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) loans (formerly known as HECS), makes up 2.1% of Australian household debt.
  • Credit card debt:  While there are often reports on the sheer volume of credit card debt in Australia, it only makes up 1.9% of all household debt.

Australia’s personal debt may be among the highest in the world when compared to GDP, but the majority of it is from home loans and investments.

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